Monday, June 11, 2018

Passion Project Monday June 11th

June 11

Today I had all my friends run through my workout (Including myself for a demonstration of all the workouts),recorded all results with the fit bit. Now i'm almost complete my passion project, all I have to do now is put everything (All the info onto google slides) and make a appropriate presentation worth more than 5 minutes.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Passion Project Wednesday June 6th

Wednesday June 6th

I was thinking, and i needed a way for myself to show the class that the people I have chosen to run through my workout program aren't unathletic people to make the program i made look better. So what i'm going to do is make a google slide of the three people I've selected and kind of show who they are with the use of pictures and self achievements.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Passion Project May 30,2018   

Workout Plan 

          So Today, I started planning/deciding on what type of specific workouts I wanted to implement into my workout plan. so far I have. Hill sprints, Jump squats, Push-Up's. Also I was thinking of a way to be able to calculate heart rate and calories burned so i'm going to make the two people i have running through my workout wear a fit bit. 
Image result for Hill sprints
Image result for jump squatsImage result for push-ups

Monday, April 9, 2018

K.C.I, guess the room.

Walking into the room, I guess you can call it that. The smell...faint, fishy, quite a spoiled smell. looking at the ground, a dusty marble floor. Slowly bringing my head-up looking left to right I see long tables, with benches on each side of the them. Walking through the doors taking a right I continue till I reach a snack bar...or something...laying my hand on the chill cold glass where food use to lay behind. Now as i start walking back to the entry doors where I came from leaving...what room is it?.

Monday, March 26, 2018

My bedroom this morning.

My bedroom this morning.....A brisk breeze flowing through the window, from the left, a clean, fresh smell as i took a deep breath in. My feet touched the cold, crisp, raw wooden floor. Looking left to right, i see crushed plastic water bottles, laying on the hard wooden desk. I stand up shivering, shaking from the cold air adopting my room, I reach over close the window. Now i'm ready to start the day.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

1 year round schooling

One year-round schooling is nonsense

         Firstly, because this will just make families who like to travel during the "Original" two month break, a lot harder for them to plan something out because with this new year-round schooling, we'll have a bunch of 1-2 weeks, spread out, throughout the whole year. Secondly, most students probably like having one, big break because, most students are stressed enough during the normal school year, That gives students a chance to kick back and relax, and not have to worry about any school for awhile, so having them break up the 2 month break, will result in make students go under even more stress than they already are. Thirdly, it will disrupted the flow of the entire school year, students have been going though the same thing since forever so in doing this it will make most people confused mostly because a lot of people don't like change.Lastly,  why change something that doesn't have any problems in the first place, their is nothing wrong with the current system so why change now?, it has been this way for decades. in conclusion this is why one year-round schooling is nonsense.